SIM Card Dilemma

I have a Moto G7 & am planning on upgrading to something newer. I then want to give my G7 to my Mom because she still has her old G4 & it’s on its last legs. I was curious about the SIM cards. Can I just take the SIM card out of my G7 & put it into the new phone I end up getting? Since I’m going to give my G7 to my Mom, can I take out the SIM card from her G4 & put it in my G7? I’m not very tech savvy so I need a little help.
Thank you for any help you can offer me !

Hi @toxicdoll,

I wrote an article for the community intended to help answer questions such as yours. It’s linked here:

Should that presentation seem overwhelming, please identify whether the current referenced SIMs are GSM or CDMA:


I’m just confusing myself I’m sure. I haven’t purchased my new phone yet 'cuz I wanted to get this SIM card sorted out. I do know that I plan on getting a Motorola phone. I know that my Mom’s G4 is CDMA compatible as is the G7 that I want to give to her. Does she have to contact RW about purchasing a compatible SIM card?

This is what we are trying to determine. The Moto G4 and Moto G7 are both GSM and CDMA network compatible. This is why we need to determine which Republic SIM (GSM or CDMA), the phones are currently provisioned with.

Generally, GSM SIMs may be moved from one phone to the next. Generally, active CDMA SIMs do not move from one phone to the next. Therefore, to help with next steps, we need you to share with us whether the SIMs currently residing in the Moto G4 and Moto G7 respectively are GSM or CDMA. Here’s how to find out:

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I just talked with her & she has a CDMA SIM type. So I’m still thinking that she’s gonna have to contact RW to get a new card. I’ll be ordering my new phone within the next few days so I want to get things straightened out & get her all setup with my G7.

I’m sure I’m over complicating things. Sorry if I sound like a doofus asking these questions ! The SIM card part has always confused me. Thank you so much for any help or insight !

Did you check to see what kind of SIM card is in your own phone? If it’s CDMA, it can be re-activated in the G7 after you’ve activated your new phone.

My current phone has a CDMA SIM card. So can I just take the SIM card out of my Mom’s current phone which is a G4 (CDMA SIM card type) & put it in this phone the G7? Can I take my SIM card from this G7. (my current phone that I plan to give to my Mom)? I plan on upgrading to a newer Motorola phone? That’s why I want to figure out this SIM card dilemma before I get the new phone. Thank you for any help or insight ! (Sorry if I sound stupid ! I’m not very informative regarding the SIM cards.)

Hi @toxicdoll,

I am proof that it’s not about being stupid or smart. It’s just a matter of being familiar with the process, and if you haven’t replaced your phone in a while, there’s no reason to expect you to be familiar with the process. Besides, sometimes the process changes.

This is not the one-and-only way to accomplish what you’re trying to do, but this is how I’d go about it.

  1. Get your new phone. (Our Community can help make sure you get a phone that is compatible with our network.)

  2. Ask our Help Team for a new CDMA SIM card once you have the new phone. See

  3. Activate the new phone with the new SIM card. Log into the Republic app using the same login username and password you used to log in here. The app will offer to move your existing phone number to the new phone.

  4. Once that process is complete, the G7 and its SIM card will be deactivated. You’d probably want to factory reset the G7 to remove your personal content from it, and set it up with your mother’s Google account. Have her use her Republic account credentials to log into the Republic app and activate the phone. The Republic app will offer to move her number to the G7.

  5. Once that process is complete, your mother’s old G4 and its SIM card will be deactivated.

You won’t need to move any of the SIM cards, which is good because CDMA SIM cards cannot be moved from phone to phone when they are activated, and not all CDMA SIM cards are compatible with all phones.

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