Sim Card Do I need a new one?



I am replacing a Moto X2 I bought from a 3rd party with a Google Pixelbought from a 3rd party. I am wondering about the SIM card. Can I transfer the SIM card from old phone to the new one or I have to buy a new one.


Yes. You will need to purchase a new SIM.
The SIM in your old Moto X2 is not movable to a new phone.
Those are special to those phones.
You can order a BYOP SIM from the Republic website. $5 plus shipping.

Also note that you will be switching to the current My Choice Plan and GSM partner (tmobile) network.
The old Legacy Refund plan phones uses CDMA (Sprint).
The Pixel does support the CDMA carrier, so if you find you have poor coverage on GSM, you can request a CDMA SIM sent to you.
Here is the coverage map: Coverage Check | Republic Wireless

Also, as long as the Pixel you bought is not the international model, it will work on R.W.


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