Sim card error in Moto E2

I gave my son an old MotoE2 phone and set him up with a basic plan and got a new SIM card (had to reorder it because the first one was the wrong size; second one was the old SIM card and it fit correctly.) We keep getting SIM card error messages so he can’t make or receive calls or texts unless he’s on wifi.

I pulled the SIM card out and put it in my daughter’s old Moto E2 (we have several of them), but it won’t work there either.

Any ideas what’s wrong here? Thanks!

Hi @lauriej.hfb5sw and welcome to the Community!

The SIM Republic makes available for public sale is not compatible with older Republic phones like the Moto E2. The SIM in a Moto E2 is phone specific.

Do you have the original SIM for the E2 in question? If so, please restore the original SIM.

If you no longer have the E2’s original SIM, Republic would be able to provide one, however, the request would require opening a help ticket.

Hi and thanks! Yes, I actually already got the original SIM replacement from Republic. It fits perfectly but I still get a SIM card error. Any ideas as to why or what I can check?

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