SIM card error keeps coming up

MotoG (3rd Gen) Original plan data=500MB

HiddenMenu came up with this:
SIM card error
Your phone needs a SIM card to work properly. You may not have inserted your SIM card yet, it may be inserted incorrectly, or it may be faulty.
Please turn off your phone and make sure your SIM card is inserted correctly, then turn your phone back on. If your SIM is still not detected please contact your service provider.

SIM card is in phone tightly. What do I need to do?

Hi @rosey.kxmwtb,

Is this a phone that was working and then this happened, or is this a newly-activated phone?
Are you having issues calling or texting?
Are you seeing an error notificiation, or did you just happen on that message in the hidden menu?
If there’s an error, does the error pop up all the time, or just when you boot the phone?

This is a phone I’ve had and used for 3.5 years, and it works fine. The Hidden Menu is new to me, but I do get an SD card error often as well and have gotten that for about 2 months now. Nothing is wrong with the SD card either. I don’t know where the Hidden Menu comes from, but there is obviously a problem with something.

No specific issues with this phone when using it. I can call and text and use the internet. the SD card error comes up every time that I restart the phone. I do not know when this other Hidden Menu error comes up.

Is this a different thing, or did you mean SIM card error?

Are you using an app that requires a Bluetooth connection, like Fitbit? Some of those apps can cause a “SIM card error” message on our older phones, but there’s no actual problem.

I do not use Fitbit or anything like it, and don’t use Bluetooth. I can only have a couple of apps on my phone because it doesn’t have enough memory to have many. I have Accuweather and the Bible, Instagram, Twitter and Starbucks. I meant SIM card, but I also get this other error, SD card, as well. I’m most concerned about the SIM card. Did RW update something that I need a new SIM card and if so why wouldn’t they tell me?

No, nothing was updated that would require a new SIM card. You’d have trouble using the phone if that had happened.

If you have important content (photos, for example) stored on that SD card, now would be a great time to back up that content.

If you operate the phone in safe mode, do you still get the SIM card error?

I’ve not tried that, nor do I know that it’s an option to do.

Safe mode operates the phone without any third-party apps running. That would help you determine whether the issue is being caused by one of the apps on the phone.

OK thank you. If there is still problems with safe mode, what do I need to do?

If the SIM card error persists in safe mode, you might want to let our support team know. They may decide to send a replacement SIM card, but if you’re not having any actual issues calling, texting, or surfing the internet, I wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just maybe consider it an early warning sign of your phone’s advancing age.

OK Are you the support team? Is this where I would go to let them know?

You would want to open a ticket by signing in here:

Thank you for your help today southpaw. I will work on this in safe mode. I appreciate your time! Enjoy the rest of your day!

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