SIM card error on every restart


Get SIM card error message. Request I replace SIM card. I have a moto x gen 1. Can we replace or do I have to get new phone. Took card out. And reinstalled and did better. But now every restart get error. Suggestions?


It’s a known issue. It happens to me on a Moto X 1st gen on a carrier other than Republic Wireless. The message is an annoyance, but has no adverse affect on phone operation.


Hi @inglec!

If I am not mistaken, there was an update to the Google app that caused this error. If it’s part of that, then there isn’t anything wrong with your card, it’s just a false error message. If you want to replace your SIM card, please open a help ticket as it is something only Republic support can provide. I hope that helps!



Cool that helps. Will ignore. Phone still works fully. Just have to go around error code. Just didn’t want to crash if real problem. Again thanks


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