Sim card error

I can use text and call over wifi, but everywhere else i cannot due to a sim card error. A hidden menu pops up saying the following:

"Your phone needs a SIM card to work properly. You may not have inserted your SIM card yet, it may be inserted incorrectly, or it may be faulty.

Please turn off your phone and make sure your sim card is inserted correctly, then turn your phone back on. If your SIM is still not detected please contact your service provider."

I have been having this problem for over a month, but i would just turn the phone off then on and it would be ok. But the time between errors is decreasing. It used to be once a week, now it is a few hours. I dont want to mess with the sim card cause i dont want to mess it up more. Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated!

And no I do not have the facebook app

The SIM card in the E2 only facilitates access to 4G/LTE data. I would recommend re-seating the SIM card, you can also

clean the SIM card contacts with a soft cloth to see if that clears it up. Otherwise, please submit a help ticket and they can

send you a replacement SIM card.

There was an issue a while back where the SIM card error was caused by the Facebook (and possibly Facebook Messenger) app(s). The solution was to remove the app(s) and then reinstall them. SIM Card Error .

and the poster states he does not have Facebook apps in the first post

I have had this problem probably once every 3-4 weeks. It can happen all of a sudden too after the phone was working fine all of a sudden it indicates I need a SIM card to activate. I filed a help ticket originally and several occurrences later I was sent a new SIM card but that didn’t solve the problem either. I even provided the SIM card report form “WhatsInSim” App. but I still have the issue. Powering down and powering up the phone has always fixed it, however, it can be frustrating when trying to make a hands free call in the car and there is no longer any service at all. I have not filed a new ticket and just accept the lower cost has this inconvenience. I have the Moto X Pure. Since I now see someone else with the issue I wanted to reinforce that it is a problem. My suspicion is that I almost never power down my phone unless this happens and that over time there is “junk” built up in the phone that causes the problem. If I powered down and restarted more often I wonder if it will not happen - but I have not done this.

I am also having the identical SIM card error problem as stated above. I have the Moto E (2nd Gen with 4G LTE). HW version is P30, Android version 5.1, this continues to be a nuisance.

Yeah it was super frustrating. It still does it, but I just upgraded to the
Moto G gen 4. It is a great phone and is worth the money to spend on it.

This is happening with my Moto G5 Plus phone as well. It is my wife’s phone and she gets an error message regarding her SIM card almost on a daily basis: SIM card is installed. She is having to restart her phone in order for it to start functioning properly. It sounds like this is an issue that needs to be escalated beyond customer service forums and needs to be resolved directly by Republic Wireless staff (in other words: Please fix this or you will lose your customer base - your current solution to this problem is not working)…

If you are seeing a SIM Card error on the G5+ then please submit a help ticket.

Some of the folks on the 1.0 and 2.0 plans see a SIM Card Error without actually affecting
phone performance, which is related to this announcement

Message an
Expert customer