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I have an unused sim card that was sent to me when 3.0 was announced and when I just recently looked at it, I noticed that the expiration date had passed. Will it actually not work if I put it into a new phone, and if it won’t work, what is the reason? I was thinking of upgrading my Moto X Pure Edition to a S10 and $5 is $5 saved if I don’t have to order a new sim card.

That is a good question you brought up and it dives into the details of how the mobile networks operate on their back end. I’m not sure if Republic help has a article directly explaining the reasoning. We do know that SIM cards can be saved if unused but they do expire.

Now, pulling from the knowledge of the internet:

The SIM card doesn’t expire after its activated. Since there are a finite number of SIM numbers and there are over 8 billion phones in the world, the expiration date helps identify unused SIMs. So SIM cards that sit in a drawer, are lost, or are damaged (and therefore never activated) can be recycled instead of being reserved indefinitely on a card that will likely never get activated. So if the SIM isn’t activated by that date, it gets printed on a new card. Once it’s activated, it can be used indefinitely.

If you have a SIM card that is past the expiration date, you might have to get a new one from either the Republic Wireless store or Amazon.

Since you mention it, I have myself a extra SIM sitting around just in case as well.

Can you please open the RW app on your Moto X Pure
Settings -> About
And let us know what it says under SIM type?

If it says GSM you can simply move your existing SIM card from the Moto X Pure to the S10.

If it says CDMA you will need to request a new CDMA SIM card from RW using the instructions here.

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Hi @cynthiap.z1w1bo,

An additional question for you is do you plan to purchase the S10 from Republic or a third party retailer. If from Republic, a new SIM is included in the purchase. If from a third party retailer, @amitl’s guidance is pertinent.

If you’re planning on purchasing the S10 from a third party retailer and should you discover the SIM in your X Pure is CDMA, please know you’ll need to have the S10 in hand before opening a ticket requesting a new CDMA SIM.

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