SIM card fit for new phone

Will the card from my MotoG5 fit in Moto E4

Hi @peggyb.g4wce0!

Yes. They both take a Nano SIM. You should just be able download the Republic app and pop the SIM into the new phone. It may require a reboot, but after that, it should work just fine!


It will fit but in and of itself that’s not a guarantee that moving a Republic SIM from a G5 to an E4 will work. Please examine the SIM in question.

Is the lettering of the public part of the word Republic green? If so, moving the SIM should work though Republic suggests use of a new SIM as best practice. If, on the other hand, the lettering in the word Republic is all gray or all black that SIM can’t simply be moved from a G5 to an E4 (or other Republic phone).


Thanks for your help I think I’ll just buy a new one


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