Sim card for Mexico

If I buy a prepaid sim card for Mexico, will it work in my Moto G ? Do I need to unlock something? I have read mixed reviews on if the sim card works once you get there.

Depends in what moto g u have.
If it is the older Legacy phones, G1 or G3, no, can not be used on anything other than Republic. The G1 also has no SIM card as it is a 3G phone only.

See this:


I do have a 3g, so will the sim card work in that phone?

No. A RW Moto G3 is a custom ROM device that is locked to Republic network and can only use CDMA network partner (Sprint). I can not use any other cellular network or take a GSM SIM card.

As the article I linked to explains, you can, however, still use your Legacy phone on unrestricted wifi as if you were at home.

You will need a modern, North American factory unlocked device if you wish to use RW service AND have the ability to swap sim card for international use.

See compatible phones list:


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