SIM card for Moto G7

Does anyone know when the new CDMA sim cards for the Moto G7 will be done? I was told around August 15th. Whoops, I guess we’re past that. LOL

Hi @markg.mgm4lb,

I’ve tried to be very careful any time I’ve written to you, to let you know the time frame is subject to change.

The SIM card depends on the work of multiple companies, which means we cannot control it. Our current best estimate is early September, but again, that could change.

You’re on our waiting list, and we’ll get it to you as soon as it is available.


Hi Southpaw, I know you have. Sounds good. Thank you,

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Hi, I will need a CMDA sim card for Moto G7 as well. Are the sim cards available yet? If not, could you put me on the waiting list, please? :slightly_smiling_face: Thank you.

Hi @chico.xD,

I’ve sent you a personal message so I can get some details from you.

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I’d be interested in being on the waiting list too. We need to get my daughter a phone and the G7 seemed like a good option, but we need CDMA.

You need to have the phone to be put on the waiting list because Republic needs the IMEI of your phone in order to place you on the list.

That said the G7 series, if ordered from Republic, can by CDMA configured. We’re only waiting on the capability to move BYOP phones at this point.

Oh, excellent! I’ll just have to wait until the G7 Play is back in stock. Thanks, Louis!

I too purchased the Moto G7 for two family members not realizing the service would be much worse than the previous phones. I was told it was due to the SIM card being GSM instead of CDMA. Why Republic would sell a phone with a SIM that was less than ideal in this area frustrated me. I see here we can be put on a waiting list for the cdma. We have two Moto G7’s purchased from Republic on our account so we would actually need one for each phone. How might I go about getting on this list? Thank you.

There is no waitlist anymore see here for details and how to request a CDMA SIM Card


Thank you so much! I just sent off my message!


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