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Just ordered the Moto Z Play and currently have the Moto X 1 gen was wondering if I needed to order a new sim card or can I just remove the one from the Moto X and put it in the new Moto Z play?



Yes you need a new SIM due to a few reasons

  1. the Moto X 1st Gen has a Sprint CDMA SIM and the Moto Z needs a GSM SIM (based on T-Mobile)

  2. Republic CDMA SIM i9s linked to the phone which is then link to the Network and your account via the MEID while GSM the SIM card is the item that links to your account and network and not the Phone and is why one can move to another approved GSM phone with just swapping out the SIM and running the Republic APP

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I might add **no **to the 2nd part of @alan 's question.


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