SIM Card for Motorolla G 4 Play

I have a MOTO G 3rd Gen and am trying to move the SIM card to a new unlocked Motorolla G 4 Play that is unlocked but I did NOT buy from Republic. I am getting a SIM card error when I attempt to activate the new phone. Is the phone not compatible or do I need a new Republic SIM card for the G4 Play to work? Thank You#

Hi @tws116!

Yep, it will give you an error every time. Unfortunately, the SIM card from the Moto G3 cannot be used in 3.0 phones. The SIM in the Moto G3 is used for LTE access only. Thus, you will have to buy a new 3.0 SIM from Republic or Amazon. As long as the phone is the right model and you buy a 3.0 SIM, it should activate just fine . Hope that helps!


Also be certain to keep old SIM card in G3 for future reactivation’s.

Legacy Phones SIM need to stay with the phone as CDMA phones (partner with Sprint) the SIM is link to the phone and has no personal information on it

BYOD use the GSM SIM (partner with T-Mobile)

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