SIM Card For New BYOP from Existing RW Phone

I’ve currently got a Moto G4 with CDSM SIM card and have purchased a byop Moto G7. Can I just switch out my SIM card from the old phone to the new one or do I have to order a new SIM card? It looks like it’s just one generic SIM card you purchase on the Republic site, but I see in some discussions that it may be specific to the phone. I’m CONFUSED!!

Use this document to figure out the type of SIM card… from your post it wasn’t clear if you have CDMA or GSM

If it’s GSM you can move it to your new G7…if it’s CDMA you will need to request a new one by submitting a help ticket.

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I have a CDMA SIM card now. My new phone is CDMA compatible. Not sure why I typed CDSM :slight_smile: .

Hi @cynthial.4ygtts,

I don’t see a ticket from you yet in our ticketing system. Please open a ticket and let our Help team know the MEID of the new phone so they can confirm the phone can accept a CDMA SIM card and if so, send it out.

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