Sim card for Pixel 3

I’m buying a Google Pixel 3 on Swappa to activate on my present Republic MyChoice plan. Do I need to get another Sim card, or can I swap the one that is presently in my Moto G5+?

Hi @joelp.2cb6xy - one of our Ambassadors wrote a very helpful Tips & Tricks article that will answer many questions. See if this helps –

Hope this helps! Come on back if you have other questions.

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Thanks. I have a CDMA card in my Moto G5+ and my zip code is 52403. I’d like to use that SIM card in the Pixel 3 that I’m buying on Swappa if it’s possible.

Hi @joelp.2cb6xy,

It’s not possible to move a CDMA SIM card from one phone to another. You’ll need to request a new one using these instructions:

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OK. Thanks.

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