Sim card for unlocked I phone 6s

I purchased an apple I phone 6,( unlocked) due to my Moto G 3rd generation is very tempermental. Is the SIM card compatible from the MOTO G 3rd generation to the Apple I 6 phone, (unlocked)?

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First the iPhone is not a supported model only the phones on the supported phones list and as of now Republic phones need the Android OS [there no iOS phone support]

Second the SIM in a Moto G 3rd is CDMA and swapping phones by swapping SIMs is a GSM feature and the Moto G 3rd SIM is linked to the phone via the custom ROM.

Any BYOD will need to be activated with a BYOD GSM SIM [though if Republic is able to activate on it’s CDMA partner the a help ticket can move to phone to CDMA with a new SIM CARD being sent out]


Thank You for getting back to me. How do I get the phone activated thru the BYOD GSM SIM. Please let me know how I can the phone activated. The Apple I phone 6 is an unlocked phone, which will work. I researched what I phone would work. Thank You for your time.

(Moderator’s note: Personal information redacted.)

Hi @ericb.msuxf3,

Republic Wireless does not support any version of the iPhone. Are you able to return the phone? Perhaps we could help you get a phone that is compatible.

If you found some statement on our website indicating the iPhone is a supported phone, please point me to that information.


as I stated an Apple iPhone will not work on Republic as Republic does not currently support iOS

Republic is a hybrid WiFi first VOIP with Cell backup provider and as such Republic need certain hooks in the OS to make their service work and Android provides these hooks (post 6.0 in the native code some OEM do removed these and is why the BYOD is as limited as it is) (earlier Android builds required a modified ROM of the high limited section of the Legacy phones )
As of now Apple either does not have these hooks or at least has not published them for 3rd parties to use

Where did you research?
I am curious as to what makes you think this.

Republic Wireless does not support Apple iPhones and never have.
Android only. Certain models only
As per their list of Supported phones.
Also this article:

It is quite easy to research the phone you’re purchasing, from the seller and on the internet and find sites that will tell you that an unlocked iPhone works with “all” carriers. If you are unaware that Republic isn’t your average carrier, and because indeed the phone may activate with Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, AT&T and the major MVNOs, it would be very easy to make an assumption that it would activate here as well.

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What issues are you having that makes you say its “very temperamental.”?
Perhaps we can assist in helping to resolve those issues.

Also, your Moto G3 is only compatible for the old Legacy 2.0 Refund Plan.
The current plan for supported phones unlocked and BYOP phones uses the current plan called My Choice ($15 + $5 per 1GB) and also uses a different primary underlying carrier than the old phone and plan, so your coverage may be different.

Republic Wireless,
I just sent the I phone Apple 6 phone I purchased online back thru US mail. does this phone work? The Moto G3 is hard to hear a conversation without having the speaker on. Just laying the phone down on a table my Moto G# phone will go to the camera. It doesn’t hold a screen unless you put the phone down very carefully, even when doing this the phone goes to the camera screen 40 % of the time. What phone would you recommend buying which will not have problems, and is compatible to Republic wireless service?

Eric Berghorn

Hi @ericb.msuxf3,

We do not support any iPhone. We list our supported phones in the 3.0 section of this article:

You can also check compatibility with a tool found here: Bring your own phone to Republic! | Republic Wireless

Our Community has members who are incredibly knowledgeable about the phones we support. @louisdi has written a Tips and Tricks article for you here: How to Find a Compatible Unlocked Phone.

When you find a phone you’re thinking about buying, share the information here and we will help you determine whether or not it is compatible.

Or shop our online store to be absolutely certain: Top Android Smartphones, payment plans optional | Republic Wireless

As liked to previously, you can purchased any of the Supported phones listed on that page.

I recommend the Moto E4 as it is the best model for the cost.

Respectfully, I wouldn’t suggest the Moto E4 for someone originally asking about an iPhone 6S. The E4 is a fine budget phone but will not provide an experience equivalent to an iPhone 6S. @ericb.msuxf3, speaking as someone who’s used an iPhone 6S, I would look at the Moto G5 Plus, Moto G5S Plus, and the Moto X4. If willing to stretch the budget a bit, I think you’d find Samsung’s Galaxy S8 to be a fine choice as well.

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Good point indeed. Its a good thing R.W offers a verity of phones.
But the E4 or E4+ still is better than the old G3 they report they are having issues with.

(I shall refrain on commenting on iPhone comparison to Android phones, as that would just turn into a rant.)

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