SIM Card from Nexus 6P to Moto Z Play

I have a couple of SIM card kits that Republic Wirless sent me last year that I used with my Nexus 6P.

I just bought a Moto Z Play and I tried fitting the nano SIM card into my Moto Z Play but it got stuck/doesn’t fit (I got it out luckily). Are the SIM cards sent to me different from the one that the Moto Z Play needs? Do I need to order a different SIM card?

Strange. I also got a couple of SIM kits for my Moto X Pure and am using the second one in my Moto Z Play with no problems. I wouldn’t think there would be any difference in SIM cards for your Nexus 6P and my Pure.

Are you sure you’re trying to put them in the SIM card slot and not the microSD slot? It can be confusing. Here’s Moto’s directions:,6720,9835


Okay… I am a total idiot and was putting it in wrong (it’s rather different from the Nexus 6P). :grin:

I solved the issue.

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