SIM Card into another phone temporarily


Hi! I have a Moto G. My daughter washed it in the washer and it no longer works. I got a new Moto E4. I put the e-mail I thought I had for the old one in but it seems that there were no contacts, pics, etc backed up on the gmail account. Is there a way I can get the information off the old SIM card and into the new phone? Can I put the old SIM card into the new phone temporarily and get info off of it and then put the new one back in?

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If the original Moto G, it has no SIM. In addition, none of what you’re looking for is stored on the SIM. Are you sure you’re using the same Google account as was on the old phone? Take a look at do you see the contacts there?


Thanks for replying! I found the right e-mail! Thanks so much!

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