SIM Card Invalid... Sprint DM tries 5 times but no luck

Motorola X Pure XT1575

Issue Description

I replaced the Moto X Pure about 18 months ago when the battery died. I have purchased a new battery but don’t want to go through the effort to replace it if I can’t get the SIM card to work.

First when I powered up the phone it said Invalid SIM card… so I swapped it with another XT1575 that I also had on Republic (that phone didn’t show the same error message but I don’t want to use that phone as it is a 16 GB memory phone instead of the 32 GB of the one I am trying to get working).

I swapped the SIM card back to the original one and “SprintDM” tries to Configure my cellular network and tries 5 of 5 times (failing each time).

My question is…
A) is there something I can do to get the SIM card working now?
B) Will the SIM card start working when the phone gets activated on the Republic network?
C) Do I need to submit a help ticket to request another SIM card from Republic because there is something wrong with the one I have or it can’t be configured remotely (even though it was working fine when it was de-activated)?

SIM card swapping is only a GSM feature.
If you have a CDMA SIM, it will only work in the phone it was first activated in.

You will need to request a new SIM card if you are gonna use a new phone on the CDMA partner network.

UPDATE - … After many retries with the NEW CDMA SIM… IT WORKED!! THANKS SO MUCH!

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Hi @danielh.nvc6ms,

I’m glad to see you got it working.

The configuration failure can sometimes indicate your Wi-Fi network is not allowing the phone to contact Sprint’s servers. It can also mean the phone needs its cellular settings reset:


This is no longer the case. An active CDMA SIM card cannot be moved from one phone to another. A de-activated CDMA SIM card that has not yet expired can be re-activated in a different, compatible phone. BYOP Samsung phones require support assistance for any CDMA SIM card activation.

And i they had an active CDMA sim (and not GSM sim) in phone which is what i was asking, they would need a new SIM for a new phone. That is on par with the posts on here by others.

Your confusing me with your information.

To get around this, they can de-activate the CDMA sim, then have it re-activate in another phone (if it is the same CDMA type i assume)? is that what u are saying?

The very specific wording I was addressing was “it will only work in the phone it was first activated in.” That’s why I quoted that part. :smiley_cat:

You’re absolutely right that an active CDMA SIM card cannot be moved from phone to phone, and for the troubleshooting purposes here, that is what matters.

I just wanted to make sure you had the new knowledge (because things have changed) that the more general statement you made needs to be updated. That way “on par with the posts here by others” isn’t the standard we use to continue to propagate stale information.

Yes. It’s not easy to do, but imagine this:
You have two identical phones like the OP had. You want to use one to replace the other.
You have an active CDMA SIM card in one. You have a fresh GSM SIM card handy. You know you need CDMA coverage.
You wouldn’t have to go through the process of requesting a new CDMA SIM card. You could activate the replacement phone with the GSM SIM card, moving your phone number to that phone. That would de-activate the CDMA SIM card. Then you could move the CDMA SIM card to the replacement phone and go through activation again.

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I see. But i think that is a bit too complex a thing for the average customer to do or worry about. Most are not gonna have both types sims around for this rare use case for that process though.

ALso, i am unable to edit that post u quoted for some reason to fix the wording.

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