Sim card issue new alcotel A30


So, I’m having trouble getting this new phone to recognize the Sim Card that was in the box. There are only four ways it can be installed in the slot. No matter which way I insert it, the screen reads "no Sim card. So the micro card has a gold circuit on one side, white paper on the other side. One corner is clipped. So no matter if I put it in circuit side up. Or paper side up, the phone doesn’t recognize it. There are only four ways this card can be turned and inserted. None seem to work.


If you are facing the back of the phone with the back cover open…then the notch on the SIM card goes in the bottom left corner as noted by the graphic on top of the SIM card slot

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Like this ? If do it doesn’t change the no Sim card message on the screen?


That’s the SD card slot…you should use the slot just above it.


So what are you outlining? That is how the phone came, I’m talking about
this card



Got it, they wanted the card in the top slot, not the one below it. thanks.
I’ll put you on the Nice List


You have the right orientation…just the wrong slot…SIM card goes in the slot just above the
slot that you showed in your first photo. The red outline in my photo shows the SIM card slot.

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You’re quite welcome… good luck with the rest of your phone setup.

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@vernw ,

If that’s really you, you should submit a high-quality photo for display in our Pop-up Shop!


Thanks, photo sent , Ho Ho Ho


That is a fantastic photo, @vernw!!! Wow.

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