SIM card issues on 2 moto G5 plus phones

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Moto G5 Plus
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includes data

Issue Description

SIM card not found msg keeps displaying at boot up on both my wife’s and my 5g plus. Have had Republic service for many years and upgraded to current phones in 2017 with no issue. This problem started after most recent Republic upgrade. Ran Republic diagnostics and it reports that present sim is not a Republic SIM and the test failed to read the MCC/MNC from the SIM card. Prompts ordering new SIM on both phones. Thinking about ordering new SIMs but don’t know if this will solve the problem as it occurs on both phones of the same make

Hi Stephen and welcome to the community. Let’s try some troubleshooting first and see if we can’t resolve this. On one of the phones, please open the dialer, as if you were going to make a call, and enter *#*#8647#*#* When you do, the code should quickly clear off the screen. When it does, can you please restart the phone. Does the issue still exist after doing this?

@stephenw.9uapvn Are you still having this issue?

No your fix worked perfectly. Thanks so much!

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