Sim Card Issues

I’m trying to buy a sim card for a moto G 4play and republic is telling me it’s no good in my area code. I just bought a sim card and installed in daughter’s g4 play and it works fine???

Please submit a help ticket, so that Republic can update its coverage checker if it is deemed necessary.

Generally, if you are in an area of fair GSM coverage…or if CDMA coverage is better in your area then the coverage checker could end up favoring that and so it will deem that GSM coverage and hence BYOP SIM coverage might not be good in your area.

If you feel your coverage is satisfactory…then you have a couple of choices to still go ahead and buy a SIM card.

  1. Buy the SIM card from Amazon. If you are prime member, you also save on shipping. Republic Wireless SIM Starter Kit: Cell Phones & Accessories

  1. You can enter a different zip code in the coverage checker. For example, you could use 90001 and that will allow

you to add a SIM card to your shopping cart.

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