SIM card lost in the mail

my new SIM card was never delivered (even though USPS texted me they’ve delivered it. It must have gone in the wrong box).

I have a support ticket open, but RW support is not answering for a second day now. How do I get support to notice my ticket?

Do I re-order another SIM, but how do I make sure there is no confusion?

I have my new phone and I can’t wait to activate it!


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The chat line should be open. Just select “Open ticket.” Republic Help

Amazon also sells the SIM. If you are an Amazon Prime customer, they offer two day shipping. If you live close to one of their shipping warehouses, you might get it the next day or same day.

Hi @georgek.huouge,

Sorry to hear of the wayward SIM! If you decide to order an additional SIM, there won’t be any confusion. Service is in no way linked to a SIM until that SIM is activated. Should you end up with two, having a spare for backup purposes isn’t a bad idea. Unactivated SIMs are good for three years.

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