SIM card missing?

I received my phone in the mail today (huawei) and it says I don’t have a SIM card. I thought it came with a SIM card? Do I need to buy something else?

Hi @kelbyk.vsgrkk!

If the phone came from Republic, then it should have come with a SIM. Double check and make sure it didn’t fall out of the packaging into the box. If it is still missing, open a help ticket here: Republic Help. I am sure Republic will be able to get you another one! In the mean time, I will let someone know about the issue. Sorry about the problem! Hope that helps!

Hi @kelbyk.vsgrkk ,

Just to second @mb2x’s advice, please look carefully through all the packaging materials. You’re looking for a plastic card about the size of a credit card. I’ve heard tell that it can be hard to locate, I think one person even told me it was included in the plastic sleeve that held the packing slip.

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