SIM card necessity?


Tried switching my daughters service from a Moto G 1st gen to a used G3 and since the G3 didn’t have it’s SIM card it constantly gave me a pop-up regarding SIM card not detected. As there was something else wrong with the G3 I kept her service on her old phone but I’m curious if that pop-up always comes up when there’s no SIM card. I’m under the understanding that the SIM card is only necessary for 4G LTE service and since she’s on an older plan it shouldn’t matter but if I decide to get another used G3 or X2 and it doesn’t have it’s SIM card can I make that pop-up go away for good? I don’t think she’d appreciate that always on her phone. If a SIM card is needed to make that pop-up go away is it possible to get those for the older phones / plans?


Good evening @markr.4r3rpk!

You are correct that the SIM card is only used for 4G LTE access and that it should work fine otherwise. However, I definitely understand the frustration! That would drive me crazy . I don’t believe there is any way to get rid of the popup short of installing an appropriate SIM. You will be able to acquire one by reaching out to Republic Help. After you describe your situation, I am sure they will be able to provide you with one! Hope that helps!


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