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I purchased my S7 Edge from Republic and used it for many months without a problem. Then I went abroad for a few months, put another (local) carrier’s SIM in the phone and used it without a problem. Now I’m back in the US and put my SIM in the phone again. When I turn the phone on it says “Service provider update. Your device will restart to configure features supported by the new SIM card.” I have no choice other than to click “OK” but then is says “please wait” nonstop; I’ve ran the battery down a few times now waiting. I put the SIM from abroad back in and the phone works fine. I put the Republic SIM back in and endless waiting again. Why?! :’(



Hi @jason.hans,

Is Republic’s app still on your phone? Or, might you have removed it while you were overseas? Additionally, did you use the Republic SIM at all while overseas?



Yes, the app is still on the phone. I didn’t use the Republic SIM while abroad, but I did switch my service back to my old G2 Moto X.



Ah, I think we’ve found the issue. If service was moved back to the Moto X2 for more than 20 days, the Republic SIM in your S7 edge is, I’m sorry to say, dead.

Options for replacement are to purchase a new SIM outright, or to raise a help ticket with Republic support.



Ah, and grr! Thanks so much for your help. Nobody told me about the 20-day thing when I was confirming that switching back and forth between the new and old plan would be feasible while abroad. I’ll open a help ticket.

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You’re most welcome!

Sorry to hear that. I’m confident Republic staff will get you fixed up.



Hi @jason.hans
Just be glad the sim is inexpensive & it wasn’t a damaged phone! Small surprises :grinning:


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