"SIM card not ready to be used"

I was trying to troubleshoot why there is sometimes a significant delay in sending texts. I didn’t figure that out yet, but in the process I ran the “diagnostics” in the Anywhere app under “settings”, “advanced settings.” The result of the test was one test failed. The test said" “The SIM card is not ready to be used…” I tried restarting the phone and reinserting the SIM card several times, as recommended, but the test still fails. The phone seems to operate normally, and I can send and receive texts (although sometimes delayed.) So, I don’t know what to make of that diagnostic test failure report. Any ideas? Thanks.

Did you format the sd card?

Hi @dpurcell,

You didn’t mention which phone you are using, but for several of the Samsung phones, this “SIM card not ready to be used” error message is a false positive. It does not represent a real issue or error. You can safely ignore that error message as you continue to try to troubleshoot the text messaging delay.

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