SIM card not supported by DISH

Under Account Information Activation status my phone states “SIM card not supported by DISH” Does anyone else’s phone say this? I have a ticket in for this issue but was told they were looking into it and not contact them until I heard back.

Is this for a newly activated phone on one of the 5.0 plans? Is your phone itself functioning ok?
I don’t see anything like that for my two phones on 4.0 My Choice plans.

It is for a newly activated phone on the 5.0 plans. I’ve been with RW for quite a while and when I transferred from 4.0 to 5.0 I was stuck in limbo for about 2 weeks. Once it finally transferred over, I could make phone calls and send texts but when I go to “network companion” it states that about my SIM card. I don’t think my phone is fully function because I sometimes have problems sending texts and have to resend. I’ve been told by others they have tried to call me and I don’t have any missed calls.

How long has it been since you submitted the ticket? Perhaps you can post your ticket number here and one of the @Ambassadors can ping support on your behalf.

Support is swamped ever since the introduction of the 5.0 plans but a partially functional phones should definitely get some priority, I would think. Intermittent issues are harder to debug…but hopefully they can get you squared away soon.

What is “network companion?” I’m on a 5.0 plan and I’ve never seen such a thing.

Anyway, if you’ve got a ticket open it’s possible they’re working through systemic issues and haven’t gotten to your particular issue yet (probably something like: “we’re looking into it, when we fix it we’ll let you know”).

It seems to me they are still working through lots of activation issues:

I know they are very busy. I was just curious if anyone else had this issue

If I’m not mistaken, the Network Companion app is designed to allow use of certain phone functions from a Windows computer. Candidly, it’s possible that function is not supported by DISH as Republic’s corporate parent. I do not own a Windows PC, so am unable to test.

If, however, despite the error message you see when attempting to use the Network Companion app, your phone itself is otherwise functioning properly, then I would say your activation is complete.