Sim card not working on new phone Moto G5 Plus (32GB)

What phone do you have? Moto G5 Plus (32GB)

What plan are you on? WiFi and Cell Talk and Tex

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? WiFi and Cell Talk and Tex

Issue Description

Purchased new phone - arrived yesterday, set up went fine until sim card activation. Phone indicates sim card not working. Tried to remove sim card access door will not open to allow access to sim card. Wifi is working fine, just no cell access due to sim card. Short of returning phone what are my options?

Hi @kathrynf.qm02h9,

Did you install the SIM card initially?

What steps are you taking to “remove sim card access door”? It’s actually a tray that slides out with use of the SIM card tool.

Edited to add:

If you’ll skip this video to about 2:07, it demonstrates how to open the SIM card tray on the Moto G5+.

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You may want to try the Moto Help … :motohelp: It can be found in the App Drawer :appsicon:
On my Moto X Pure, it provides both pictures and words (which I find easier to follow than videos), I just used the search feature within the App and looked for ‘SIM’

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Thank you,

Yes I installed it correctly. The tray just will not open using the tool. I tried multiple times before posting my question. I think I will just return the phone if there is no other solution.

Hi @kathrynf.qm02h9,

Please open a support ticket and work with our support team on the return. Our 14-day return policy assumes the phone will be returned in working order, and if it is found to be otherwise, you would be charged for damages.

How do I do that? I just downloaded a return label form your return site.

FYI we did not damage the phone. We followed your instructions to the T and the darn thing is not working the sim access drawer will not open. Please advise

Hi @kathrynf.qm02h9,

I understand, and did not mean to suggest that you had damaged it. I only wanted to make you aware that our team would have no idea of how the phone got in that state if it just showed up as a return, and since it would fail our inspection process, you would be charged.

You can open a ticket by signing in here:
Help Ticket | Republic Wireless

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