SIM Card Problems: Replaced Moto 3rd Gen with another Moto 3rd Gen and swapped the SIM Card


My Republic Wireless Moto 3rd Gen died. I bought another Republic Moto 3rd Gen phone and activated it. It reminded me that it needed a SIM Card and I then swapped the SIM card from my old Moto 3rd Gen to my new one. I am getting a message now that says “SIM card error” - Your phone needs a SIM card to work properly. You may not have inserted your SIM card yet, it may be faulty. Please turn off your phone and make sure the SIM card is inserted correctly. then turn your phone back on. If your SIM I still not detected please contact your service provider. We rebooted and tried resetting the SIM and rebooting. How can we fix this?

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Hi @julias.459712!

Unfortunately, you will need to open a help ticket to rectify this. SIM cards on legacy devices cannot be swapped. They are tied to a specific device. Thus, Republic support will need to send you a new SIM card. On a different note, your phone should still function without the SIM. You just won’t get 4g LTE. Texting, voice, and 3g should still work. Here’s a link where you can open a help ticket: Republic Help .



Swapping SIMs doesn’t work with Legacy phones. You need to open a help ticket:

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