SIM Card Problems

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    How long (roughly) does one wait for a Support solution(s)? I’m not trying to be cute or snide - love Republic - but would like a ballpark estimate for planning purposes.

    For the background, on Sunday at 11:11am, I submitted:

    Moto X Pure went crazy yesterday opening apps at random, dialing numbers, playing music, etc. Finally the battery ran out. Reactivated my old Moto X1 so l had a working phone. Was able to perform a factory reset on the Pure this morning and it seems to be working again. Unable to activate the Pure due to a SIM Card Error. What should I do? Thanks!

    Support replied Monday at 9:59am:

    Hi Ford,
    I am sorry to hear that you are receiving SIM card errors:
    Did you switch SIM cards from the MotoX pure back to the MotoX? If so please place the original card back in the Moto X.
    Could you remove the SIM cards and send us a photo of which card is associated to which phone?

    I replied Monday at 12:32pm:

    I did NOT switch SIM Cards between Moto X1 and Moto X Pure.

    The attached photos show the Moto X1 card on the left and the Moto X Pure card on the right.

    When I reactivated the Moto X1, didn’t the deactivation of the Moto X Pure also deactivate its SIM Card?


    400 KB Download

  • Support replied Monday at 12:37pm:

    Hi Ford,
    Thanks for the quick response. Could you send us a photo of the SIM card showing the numbers on each of them?

    I sent the photo Monday at 12:45pm:

    Again, Moto X1 on left, Moto X Pure on right.

    100 KB Download

    On Tuesday I updated at 08:16am:

    After not hearing back, I reinserted the MotoX1 SIM (from the photo session) - and, when powering up, got a SIM card error! Powered down, removed, cleaned, checked orientation of SIM, reinserted, and the error remains. So, now, both Moto Xs have “bad SIMs.”



Hi @fords.jmk6yx!

Sorry to hear about your SIM issues! I have notified Republic staff and they are looking into it. I do hope you are able to get this resolved soon! Just as a note, the SIM in the Moto X1 is only used for 4g LTE access, so everything should work except 4g LTE.


Hi @fords.jmk6yx ,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We try to take no longer than 24 hours to respond on a ticket. I’ll see if there’s anything we can do to get you the help you need.

Thanks, I’ve heard from Christopher and sent him the information he requested.

To update - in a nutshell - Southpaw and Republic Support were incredible!! Received a SIM for the MotoX1 and another for the Moto X Pure overnight. Installed the older one first and followed instructions to reprovision the phone - went perfectly. Then put the new 3.0 SIM in the X Pure and reactivated it.

It couldn’t have been a better experience - thanks to all!!


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