SIM Card Quandary



Situation: Carrying two phones overseas is a pain, and I would rather have just one phone that can make calls to either continent at the same time using both the RW plan and an overseas SIM phone card, but not have to remove and then replace a SIM card to make phone calls (e.g.dual SIM card type situation).

Question: Between the Galaxy S7 Edge and the Motorola G5 PLUS, which would be the more ideal? Do these phones use the RW app (like my DEFY) or do they require the RW SIM card?

Do you have an alternate suggestion? I don’t want to leave RW!


Hi @littlebird,

There is currently no dual SIM solution. None of Republic’s new phones are dual SIM capable. To use the phone on Republic’s network requires both the Republic app and a Republic SIM. It is possible to swap between a Republic SIM and an international SIM, however, simultaneous use is not possible. More here: International Travel with a Republic Phone.


What if I buy a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in another country that has dual SIMs and then buy a RW SIM card? Wouldn’t that allow me to run both?


I’m afraid not. Republic requires use of North American factory unlocked variants. International variants are not compatible with Republic’s app-based blended WiFi/cell service. Operating system software and sometimes hardware is different on international variants.

Republic specifies compatible models (and in some cases operating system software builds here: Republic Wireless Phones.

A remote possibility would be a device like this: I’ve not tried such a device with one of my Republic phones but have used similar devices with other single sim GSM phones. In my experience, they were unreliable.


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