Sim card Question: Move SIM card from Samsung J7 to Moto Stylus 2021?

I currently have a Samsung J7 (2017 I think) and I just bought a new Motorola Stylus 2021. Can I use the same SIM card or do I need a new one?? Thanks!

Hi @LewistheLionTurtle and welcome to the Member Community. One of our Ambassadors wrote a very helpful Tips & Tricks article. See if this helps –

Come back if you have any questions!

Thanks for your response. I should have stated that I bought the unlocked phone from Best Buy. but I got the SIM Card from Republic for the J7 Samsung

Hi @LewistheLionTurtle,

The SIM from your Samsung Galaxy J7 will move to any other Republic compatible phone.

For others reading, it’s not always that straightforward, hence I wrote the article referenced by @freddyp.

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