Sim Card requested to purchase

why have I started getting notice to buy a sim card. I have been using my Moto E for a couple of years and this is first notices this week.

Hi @janicep.knqalj and thanks for dropping back into the Community!

Is the Moto E in question a Moto E4? If so, please see if this helps: Connectivity Problems on Cell/WiFi and SIM Errors on Moto E4 – Republic Help.

If not, we need to know which Moto E you have. Please tell us what is said underneath the graphic representing the phone when signed into your Republic account here:

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Device ID.■■■■

Hi @janicer.ldeszy,

I believe @rolandh was hoping for the full name of the phone, listed just above the device ID.

Did you take a look at the help article he linked? I believe that’s going to get you on the road to resolution.

Moto E4 Plus. I could not locate the update as indicated in instruction. The only thing close was backup and reset.

I found system update. Did it ten times and update number unchanged. It is NPRS26.58-45-19

Thanks @janicer.ldeszy,

Is the error message persistent, or does it come and go? Have you tried reseating the SIM card? It may not be aligned correctly.

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error message shows when not on wi-fi. I have not tried to replace the sim card since I could not get the update to load. Should I try the sim card placement


Never give up

The instructions for the update are for the Moto E4. Your phone is the Moto E4 Plus, so I don’t believe it’s impacted by that particular issue that requires an update to fix.

Please do go ahead and try reseating the SIM card.

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SIM card in place. Still not able to make it receive phone calls or send/receive text.

Can you tell us more about what you’re seeing? Is the “buy a SIM card” message now gone?
Does the phone show any cellular signal strength?
When you try to make a call, what happens? Is there any error message on the screen or some sort of recorded message?

Now the phone does not recognize the Sim card. I have taken in out a few times. There is only one way it fits.

I’d like to ask you to open a Help Ticket so our staff can investigate what might be wrong more thoroughly. They may have some other fixes for you to try, or may want to send you a replacement SIM card.


Have you rebooted the phone since this began?

I have your support ticket in front of me and am adding some notes so our agents have details from this conversation.

I had the same thing with my G5+ one-and-off for about three weeks. I don’t remember much, but that it stated that they could find my SIM card, that I needed to buy a new SIM card, that I needed to reboot and verify (or authenticate) my SIM card. And, eventually, whatever may have transpired since, it went away. I didn’t make any fixes or changes, so, your guess is as good as mine.


Me too on my G5 Plus [3 times] and my wife’s G6 once a couple of weeks ago. Had to reboot twice on each occasion to fix. Has gone away, hopefully.

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