SIM card reuse ok?

Can i switch and reuse my SIM from moto x to moto g stylus on the T-Mobile network?

Hello @sallyp.3g8mum

If you’re talking about the original Moto X (or the 2nd edition), no, that SIM needs to stay with that phone.

The Moto g stylus you mention…is that a T-Mobile branded phone or a Factory unlocked version that Republic would support? I’m a little unclear of its origins and would need to know to advise further. :wink:


It is the unlocked version RW sells. Coming from the Moto x4

If the SIM you have is a GSM/T-Mobile SIM (the “public” in Republic is green) then yes, you can move it to the new phone. Just be sure to open the Republic App afterwards to complete the transition.

If your X4 SIM type is unknown.


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