SIM Card - Same GSM card for Pixel 2 and Galaxy Note 10?

I bought a GSM SIM card when I switched from a Moto X2 to a Pixel 2. I’m assuming that this GSM SIM will also work in a Galaxy Note 10. Am I correct?


Hi @apples2androids and welcome back to the Member Community. I do not own either phone but do believe you can activate the Note 10 using the GSM SIM from the Pixel 2. Here’s a How To article with steps to Activate a BYOP with an Already Active GSM SIM Card –

I’m a belt and suspenders type person so will share some other information you might find useful. Recommend you double check (if you haven’t already) and make sure you have a fully compatible model of the Note 10.

From your post it sounds like you’re also familiar with installing a SIM but just in case…

I’m sure others will correct me if I have overlooked anything from my lack of experience with either the Pixel or Samsung phones that would cause a problem with moving the SIM. Good luck!

Thanks freddyp! –Now I just need to find my SIM key . . . .

Or just use a bent paper clip

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TL;DR: Yes

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