Sim card saying not covered in my area?

I am purchasing a Moto Play (4th gen) from Amazon for my husband but when I go to get the sim card, it tells me that there is no coverage for my area. He’s been a customer of your company for a while. He has and our son has RW phones now and service. Can you please clarify if I buy the phone if it will work or not?

All BYOD devices are on Republic new GSM partner (T-Mobile) Network at this time while his old phone is on Republic CDMA partner (Sprint) network (3.0 can only get CDMA networks when purchasing from Republic and their GSM does not show better coverage)

If you are seeing; “Please note: “Bring your own phone” is not supported for your location at this time.”, that means that you probably have bad coverage from our GSM provider. Your son is probably on our CDMA provider(Sprint). We do not have the ability, yet, to use the CDMA provider when you bring your own phone. That is why we warn you. We do not want you to have a bad experience without warning you first.

So to clarify, I can purchase the Sim card, even tho it says coverage is not not supported in my area, and purchase a BYOD phone to put it in and he can download the app and and sign in to his account that way that he already has with your network? I hate that I can’t just call and physically talk to some one about all of this. I’m not tech savvy like a lot of other people are and neither are my husband or son. They have been using RW for a long time and love the service. He just cracked his phone so back off the ambulance one day that it’s become virtually unusable at this point but we are financially unable to spend 200-300 on a new phone.

The simple answer is yes, he can. The more detailed answer is that based on the coverage in your area on BYOD phones, the experience will likely be unsatisfactory.

RW works with two carriers, Sprint and T-Mobile. Due to technical issues not of RW’s making, activating a new phone with Sprint requires RW’s assistance while activating one with T-Mobile does not. For this reason, when you buy a phone elsewhere and buy a SIM separately the SIM will work with T-Mobile. If you buy the same phone from RW they will do the necessary work on their end and ship you a phone that works with Sprint.

The coverage checker is telling you the phone will work better with Sprint than with T-mobile. This isn’t necessarily true because the coverage checker uses one ZIP code. If you regularly travel in an area with a different ZIP code the coverage might actually be better with T-Mobile. This is the case where I live.

I realize you said you weren’t technically inclined but you can probably judge for yourself how will the phone will work by looking at the two coverage maps:

4G LTE Coverage Map | Check Your 4G LTE Cell Phone Coverage | T-Mobile

On each map, enter the address where the phone will be used most of the time. One consideration is this:

Coverage might be poor at home but at home you have good WiFi. Coverage might be excellent at work. In this case, use the work ZIP code.

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