SIM Card shipping

I ordered a SIM Card today for a BYOD phone. I couldn’t believe it cost $4 for USPS first class mail. Last time I checked a stamp cost $0.47. A SIM card is smaller than a stamp. I’d also assume republic would get a bulk discount from USPS, lowering the cost.

If the SIM card costs more, fine, charge more. Don’t hide profit in shipping, because there is no way it cost $4 to ship a SIM card. My family has been with Republic for 3 years now, and are finally upgrading our phones. It is only $4, but it left a bad “normal phone company nickel and dime” taste in my mouth.

there are cost involved as Republic sends in a box and may sent up to 4 in said box

Amazon Prime Members can order there and get free shipping

Amazon wants $6.02 to ship one to me.

Right, the key part of @drm186’s post is “AMAZON PRIME MEMBERS can…” Although the $6.02 shipping charge is a pretty good sign that a $4 shipping charge isn’t overly unreasonable.

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