SIM Card Sizing Error?


What phone do you have? M266G-Model: XT1687
What plan are you on? Base + 0.5
Does your plan include data, or just talk & text? yes

Issue Description

I recently ordered a sim card for a new Moto G5 +. It arrived today, but the package had only one sim in it, one that is far too large to fit in the phone.
It was my understanding that the package should have three different sizes of sim.

  1. What happened?
  2. What can be done to get my phone operational?

It’s a punch or press out proper size to fit SIM card. It will pop out with a small amount of pressure.


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Hi @artfulm

The SIM card can be popped out in both the micro- and nano-SIM sizes. The scoring for the nano SIM is a little tough to spot. Flipping the card over might make it easier.

Otherwise, the pictures at this link might help:




HI Jonny5

Thanks. Turning over the sim was what it took.


  1. The mini seems to still be too large to fit in the tray (or I don’t know the correct planar orientation), and the micro appears that it would be too small to stay in the tray.

  2. Does the sim fit in the tray face up of face down?



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In most of the trays the metal part needs to show before inserting the tray back in the phone
The SIM needed is the nano SIM,6720,10165


Hi drm186

Thanks for the clarification and link.


You’re welcome

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