SIM card swapping question


I want to use a one time SIM card from Verizon for an area where sprint nor T mobile has coverage, will there be any issues when I put the RW SIM card back in?



Hi @steved.dskdcd

Are you planning to continue your Republic service that the SIM connects to and getting a different number on the Verizon SIM? If so, you should not have any problem putting the Republic SIM back in and using it.

If you are transferring your number from Republic Wireless to Verizon, the Republic SIM will be deactivated. At that point, you would have 20 days to reactivate with Republic and be able to reuse that SIM. Twenty days after being deactivated, a Republic SIM cannot be reactivated.


If I have to get a different number for the Verizon SIM then that’s what I will do. I want to be able to put RW SIM back in and go. If I don’t change anything RW then I shouldn’t have a problem is that correct/


This is for a one time use to Alaska.


It’s not required but may be easier than waiting for the number to port to Verizon and back again. You should have no problems doing that and reinserting your still active RW SIM.

The advantage to going through the port processes is you should have your current number on Verizon and you would save the cost of RW service during that time. As @johnny5 said you would be able to reactivate using your SIM for up to 20 days. If longer than that a new RW SIM would be required.

If you are currently on the RW’s Sprint CDMA network you may need to do the following to activate the Verizon SIM.

Remove RW SIM & replace it with the Verizon SIM,
Uninstall the Republic app,
Reset network settings

Enjoy your time in Alaska.



If OP is using a CDMA SIM, he would need to reactivate with a GSM SIM first before he can re-use the CDMA SIM, and then it’s not guaranteed to work.

As stated though, if the SIM card is deactivated for more than 20 days it will need to be replaced.


I have reactivated a RW CDMA SIM numerous times within the 20 day periods allowed. One time was it was with a phone that had previously used a RW GSM then switched to another provider. The CDMA SIM was reactivated in that phone with no issues. I believe once a phones ID is logged into RW’s system via an initial GSM activation moving to CDMA is no problem.

That’s my experience and understand it differs from what both of us may have read in the past. To me the difficulty of obtaining a replacement CDMA in a timely manor would be a larger issue if it wasn’t reactivated within the 20 days allowed.



This is like a one time trip, so I am not terribly concerned about the money aspect of this. I will probably get the Verizon card a few days before I need it to make sure it works. If I have a problem with the Verizon card while I am in Alaska I want to be able to put the RW card back in without needing anything like Wi-Fi, not much for Wi-Fi in Alaska.


I think a little more information would be helpful. For example, if you have a legacy model phone the SIM can’t be swapped and you are definitely using CDMA on Sprint. Whether or not you have a legacy model if you are on Sprint (CDMA} your phone should roam on Verizon for calling but you will only have data when connected to WiFi If that is suitable there should be no need to switch to Verizon for the trip.

If you are on one of the later model phones and it has a GSM SIM know that there might be coverage where you will be in Alaska. Here is the T-Mobile coverage:


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