SIM card switch from G1 to G4?



Can a Moto G (1st Gen) SIM card be used in a new Moto G4?


Hi @cathleend!

The Moto G1 does not have a removable SIM in it. The removable SIMs in some 1.0/2.0 phones are primarily used for 4G LTE service. The phones can function without it (they just wont get 4G LTE) whereas the 3.0 phones need to have a SIM to work. Hope that helps!



No the SIM in the G 1st Gen is not capable of running the G4. It is only used to connect the phone to Sprint’s LTE data network and the G4 runs GSM and uses a completely different carrier. It just is not compatible. It is best to forget the older phones have a SIM card unless they fail and support points it out.