SIM card transfer from old phone to new

Can I transfer my SIM card from my Moto G (Gen 4) to a new unlocked Samsung S8? And if not, how do I deactivate my old phone and activate the new one and still keep my phone number?

During the activation process you will be presented with an opportunity to move the number and deactivate the old phone. There is no need to move the SIM. The new phone will come with a new SIM if ordered from RW. If you purchase the new phone elsewhere then yes, you can move the SIM.

It was not ordered from RW.

Then you MIGHT be able to move the SIM. Is the G4 working? If so, Please try this on your phone:

  1. Launch the dialer as if you were going to make a call.
  2. Tap the numeric keypad icon.
  3. Dial *#*#786#*#*

What does your phone do? Does the screen just clear or do you get a SprintDM screen?

If you have a GSM SIM (T-Mobile) then you can certainly move it to the new phone. If you have a CDMA SIM (Sprint) I believe a service ticket will be required but I’m not certain.

How can I find out what kind of SIM I have?

The instructions I gave you two posts above tell you how to check. If your old phone isn’t working, you can look at the SIM and if the “public” part of the word Republic is in green, it can be moved.

The screen just clears. Nothing happened.

What does that mean then?

I means you can move the SIM because you’re activated with Republic’s GSM partner.

Fantastic! So I just take it out of the old phone once I shut it down and put it in the new one?

Sort of. The G4 uses the larger SIM size so you’ll have to start by punching out the smaller size by pushing on the center of the card to pop it out of the larger holder that it is in. Once you have the smaller card you’ll put it in the new phone and then, very importantly, open the Republic App on the new phone to activate the SIM in the new phone.


Awesome! Thank you soooo much for your help!!


It took a while but here is how you identify the GSM and CDMA SIMs.

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Perfect! Thanks for the info! That really helps verify that it is GSM and not CDMA. =)

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I’ve just bought the Amazon Prime version of the Moto X4 (compatible, per the the RW compatibility algorithm), to replace my Moto X Pure which is currently active on RW. I was going to buy a new SIM card, but they are out of stock at the RW store. From what I’ve read, I should be able to simply take the SIM card out of the X Pure and put it into the X4 and activate. Is this true, and any additional thoughts. The X Pure works, but battery is dying, and rather than replace battery, I’ve decided to do the upgrade. I’ll keep the same number, and I am on the My Choice +1 3.0 plan. Thanks for your help.

It is possible that you might be able to move your SIM. Look at the SIM, is Republic in all gray/black or is the “public” part in Green? If in green, you can move the SIM, if not, you’ll need a new SIM. Refresh your page and you’ll find the SIM is in stock.


It is Green!!! Thanks so much.

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