Sim card transfer to new phone

My Moto G4 play died - I am wanting to orderMoto X (4th Generation) from Amazon. Do i need a new sim card - or can I transfer the one I have. Thanks

Hi @slorrn and welcome to the Community!

It depends upon which type of SIM is in the dead G4. If it’s GSM , it will move to a compatible Moto X4 or other Republic compatible phone. If it’s CDMA, we’ll need to provide more insight. To make the determination, please remove the SIM fro your G4 and examine it.

If the lettering for the word Republic is a mix of green and black, it’s GSM. If the lettering is all gray or all black, it’s CDMA.

If the SIM will move, you’ll need to punch out the smaller nano size from the center of the SIM. For more on SIM sizes, please see here: Installing Your SIM Card – Republic Help.

Please do be certain you’re purchasing a Republic compatible Moto X4 at Amazon. More on that here: Republic Wireless Phones – Republic Help.

Alternatively, if you share a link to the Amazon listing, we’ll confirm for you.

Hi @slorrn,

Indeed the linked Moto X4 is compatible with Republic!

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Thank you SO much for your help

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