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I have two phones on the refund plan Moto X1 and Moto G. Am replacing with BYO phones MOTO G5 and switching to the My Choice. In your activation instructions for upgrading phones I don’t find info on the SIM card. Will I be able to swap the existing RW SIM card into the replacement phones ?


the SIM in the Legacy Phones are link to the phone and not the account (as are all CDMA phones as changimg phones by swapping SIMs is a GSM Feature)
you will need to purchased a BYOD SIMs (which are on back order and should ship on Friday) Republic Wireless SIM Card Kit | Republic Wireless

note by default all BOYD are set up on the GSM partner (T-Mobile) and if this coverage is not as good as the CDMA partner (Sprint) one may create a ticket and have the phone put on the CDMA Network partner

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can I use any Nano-SIM such at the FreedomPOP or AT&T SIM cards they sell over at Best Buy ??


not on Republic ( if you use one of their SIM you will be on their service)

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