SIM Card Transfer


I purchased a phone from Republic Wireless and set up an account in December 2015. I recently fell while running outside with my phone in snow in Michigan in March. It shattered the screen pretty good. As a result, the touchscreen on my phone has been mostly not working.

So today I bought a new unlocked phone from Amazon Moto G Plus (5th Generation) - Lunar Gray - 32 GB - Unlocked.

  1. please confirm this will work with a Republic Wireless phone plan as I saw it on your list of phones.
  2. can I transfer the SIM card on my Motorola phone I purchased from Republic Wireless 1.5 years ago?


the Moto G5 Plus is an approved 3.0 phone so it can work on Republic on the 3.0 plans
the SIM in your old legacy phone is CDMA and can not be transferred to another phone (CDMA the SIMs are link to the Phone and not the account/networks)
you will need a Republic BYOD SIM to used a BYOD Phone
Amazon link to Republics BYOD SIM

BYOD is GSM so you may want to check your coverage

note CDMA partner is Sprint while GSM partner is T-Mobile


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