SIM Card underperforms in my area


Will Republic Wireless be selling the same type of “under-performing/poor service/ can’t get reception/can’t receive a call” sim cards for these phones like the did/do for the bring your own Moto4g?

Bring Your Own Moto Z² Play to Republic Wireless
Bring Your Own Moto Z² Play to Republic Wireless

Republic continues to work with the same two carriers and all BYOP phones are activated on the GSM partner. As to whether that coverage is inferior or superior in your area, that’s higly dependant on your area. The GSM partner now has better coverage in my area and the surrounds than Sprint does.


Other gsm phones work fine in this area. Why can’t they provide CDMA sim cards like they do with the Moto4g phones that are bought through Republic Wireless?


BYOP SIM cards are currently only GSM.


Republic CAN provide CDMA SIM cards for the G4, just not at initial activation, unless they are purchased from Republic. Republic CAN move a GSM activated G4 to CDMA.


How does this happen? No one has offered me the option to moved to a CDMA sim & from what I have seen they don’t give the customer that option when you purchase your sim on line for your BYOP


No, the option is not offered when ordering. If coverage on the GSM partner isn’t working, open a ticket and request that you be moved to the CDMA partner because of poor coverage on the GSM partner. They’ll evalulate the request and send a CDMA partner SIM to make the move happen.


So are you indicating that it is possible to BYOP to CDMA but it is a multiple step process?


For phones that Republic can CDMA activate, yes. The Moto G4 is one such phone.


Wow! Why can’t anyone else be so clear & direct? Better yet, why not give that option to the customer at the beginning of the BYOP process and short circuit all the unneeded non-sense.?



It is not a standard offering because there is significant amounts of manual work that needs to be done by Republic staff in order to make it happen. It is currently offered only to resolve coverage issues.


Just to be clear… The Moto Z Play isn’t capable of being activated on a CDMA network, so the only option for that model is the GSM network, whether you purchase from Republic or bring your own phone.


thx. just dealing with the moto4g for now.



Hey, use another carrier if you don’t like Republic. It’s TMobile. Either switch to Verizon, Sprint or AT&T mvno. Easier than complaining…


Thx. I appreciate the input. Not trying to complain, just trying to get a resolution to the situation. When I initially did my BYOP there was no notification that the sim card provided would be different and would not provide the same level of service experienced with the phone that we had purchased directly from Republic Wireless. When I inquired about the change in the level of service, i was guided through quite a list of phone re-initialization options and procedures to rectify the situation. All to no avail. In a later inquiry, I was informed about the difference in the sim cards. Along with this new information, I was told that the GSM was the only option for the BYOP and that the CDMA cards could not be provided for BYOP’s. They were only available in the RW purchased phones. As you can see now, I am getting a new piece of information that tell me me original request is, in fact, possible.

I apologize for the “complaining” tone you sensed. Although I am not complaining, it is a bit frustrating to be this “down the road” to only now find out that there is a feasible and viable solution to the issue. I believe it would also be to the customers advantage if RW more diligently promoted the awareness that service may be impacted by executing the BYOP option.

thx again.

Have a great day.


It’s quite possible that this was not yet an option when you purchased your phone or when you worked through your ticket.

It was something that only became possible at some point months later following the initial release of the unlocked phones (e.g., see here: Republic Wireless Coverage Update and CDMA Availability).


I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said what I did, it is frustrating now a days cause you don’t know, unless you check, who the actual carrier is for your service. Soo many different cell, prepaid providers out there…

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No worries. I appreciate the opportunity to have my disposition and attitude checked. I went back and reviewed my initial post. I did not construct it in a good tone. Thanks for calling me on it. We do well to work with gently with each other. An old proverbs says it rightly…As iron sharpens irons, so a friend sharpens a friend.

Thanks, friend.


Thx. Looking forward to exploring the new CDMA sim option, as soon as I get a chance. thx