SIM card won't activate

I’ves been trying to get help for hours to no avail. I’ve been all over the Republic website and sent and resent my problem (sim won’t work with Samsung A32 phone, not used for over 20 day, whatever. I’ve never seen such a great company with excellent customer service go downhill so bad and so fast. Most of my help tickets say “solved” when they haven’t been, I’ve searched and searched for answers, no help anywhere except my first help ticket and that didn’t give me much of any help. I’m beginning to think they have robots answering questions, same answers, can’t wait to get my Apple phone activated with another carrier (T-mobile) and move on. Sad, but disgusting.

Hi @sandraw.jxs842,

I’m very sorry to see you’re having some trouble with your service and with getting help.

This is because when you open multiple help tickets, we merge them into a single ticket so that we can focus the conversation in one place. It would be a real nightmare having multiple agents trying to troubleshoot with you across multiple tickets.

We are having a very high ticket volume and your ticket is just a few hours old. The ticket is in the queue awaiting agent attention.

Looking at your account, I beleive you can simply move your SIM card from your old phone to your new phone, then open the Republic app and follow any steps in the app.

Please let me know if that is something you already tried and where it failed to work.

Hi Southpaw, thanks for answering. When you say I can move my sim from old phone are you talking about taking the sim from the dead Google and putting it in the Samsung? I will try that and see if it works, would be great if it did. I’ll let you know… This is the first actual contact I’ve had with anybody at Republic and have put in numerous help tickets with a robot answer.

Hi Southpaw, I tried it and it worked!! I’ve been trying for hours to get someone to help figure out how to help with this problem and you helped in a few seconds, thank you so much. It’s funny how you get so dependent on having a phone and I haven’t had one that works all day, it’s kind of worrisome too as I use it for my banking, etc. I would like to add a good word for you on my “review” if I can, if not I will add one. I was so frustrated because my help tickets went unanswered and just kept looping with the same wording. Hope things get better with Republic, they have been a great company in the past and I would hate to see them go downhill. Sandra


Thank you @sandraw.jxs842,

I’m sorry no one had a chance to get to your ticket yet, and thank you for giving the Community a chance to assist you!


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