SIM Highjacking

So what are Republic Wireless’s thoughts on SIM Highjacking (which is basically an unauthorized/fraudulent request to port a Republic Wireless’s phone number)?

What are Republic Wireless’s policies/procedures to prevent this?


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If you’ll scroll down to the bottom of this very webpage, you’ll see one of the three highlighted items:


which links to our Help Center article:


Thanks for the link - I just recently changed my PIN after I realized that my republic wireless password got sucked into Chrome’s password keeper feature - I don’t trust that feature at all.

I was wondering though if there was anything else besides a 4 digit pin protecting against unauthorized porting - I guess not! :slight_smile:


A couple of things…

  1. Your wisdom not to use the same 4-digit PIN across all your accounts, nor a sequential number, your birthday or anniversary, street address nor the final four digits of your phone number, SSN, or credit card. You’re smart enough that you won’t make it easy for someone to guess.

  2. If an attempt is made, you’ll get an E-mail from us, so if someone does try to guess your PIN, you’ll know from the first try and can alert us that the attempts are fraudulent.

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