Sim kits on backorder


Just decided to upgrade my phone from the Moto X 2nd to the new Google pixel 2. Placed an order for my sim kit and then got an email about an hour later about it going to take 1-2 weeks to get my sim card sent out to me. What is with this backorder? What if my current phone really wasn’t working properly? Are you telling me we really have no sim cards in stock?


still got them at Amazon


Alas, yes that’s what Republic is really telling us. For what it’s worth, the backorder email states the worst case scenario. My understanding is Republic hopes to be be restocked and resume shipping considerably sooner. Also, for what it’s worth, in the event one’s phone stopped working due to a faulty SIM, generally that would be a support issue. I don’t think Republic would want anyone to feel obligated to purchase a new SIM in that scenario.

The above said, @nathanb.puhlyv has pointed you to what is arguably the best current option for purchase. If you wish, you may cancel the backordered SIM as described here: How to Cancel an Order That Is Back-Ordered – Republic Help.


Hi @jax,

We have SIM cards on hand, however due to the inventory process in our fulfillment center earlier this week, we have not yet been able to get them loaded into the system for fulfillment.

We are targeting Tuesday 1/9 to have these orders fulfilled and handed over to the shipping partner, and will ship them sooner if at all possible.


Time for a logistics upgrade after 3 years? … …… …:avocado:


Hi @williamo.vkbg0s,

I understand neither what you’re suggesting, nor what an avocado emoji has to do with logistics.

You’ve linked to a blog that describes our supply team’s member focus. Let there be no doubt, our supply chain remains member-focused. In fact, yesterday, a member of that team called me quite concerned because, through a series of interesting connections, a very upset wife had reached him trying to get help. She was not able to use a computer, and her husband’s medical condition had deteriorated to the point that he was neither able to return a phone he had recently ordered, nor help her do so. The Supply Chain team member was overwhelmed with concern and, although it was far from his realm of responsibility, wanted to be certain beyond a doubt that this lady would get the help she needed to return that phone.

Perhaps you’re not suggesting that our team doesn’t care about our members, but that our recent delay in fulfilling SIM card orders somehow demonstrates a logistics failure that indicates system upgrades are needed. Our Supply Chain team has not been standing still over the last three years since that blog was written, and numerous upgrades have taken place. There will always be challenges, times when demand exceeds even the most optimistic forecasts (not a bad problem to have, in a way) and, as our Supply Chain team has done in recent weeks, they will continue to step up with creative solutions to those challenges and safeguard against future instances of the same situations.


Thank you and everyone else for their response. I just got same day delivery for less then buying the kit though the our website. Now that I have everything set up and running, I just got an email that my kit is on its way. Oh well. 🤷


Thanks, that’s the first logical explanation of the recent occurrences of SIM back-orders I have read. Good to know the system isn’t broken, RW has it under control and will be more optimistic with the forecasts in the future as RW should be. with their attractive offerings.

Previous replies to this and the several related topics have mentioned system glitches or loading issues then suggest ordering through Amazon. Unless a Prime member ordering from Amazon is more expensive and delivery time may be longer than through RW when in stock.

No intent to bash the team nor did I suggest they were ignoring member’s needs. The blog focused more on the supply chain and satisfying member needs rather than describing team members efforts as I read it.


All are part of the same situation. Demand suddenly exceeded forecasted expectations, our Logistics team nimbly adjusted, while the timing of holiday closings and the annual inventory process complicated fulfillment.

I understand that when I wrote,

I didn’t go into detail about what getting them loaded into the system meant, nor specifics about “have not yet been able”, as I did not anticipate those details would impact @jax’s decision to wait or order on Amazon. He needed to know when he might expect delivery of his SIM card. These were not glitches, issues, or equipment failures. When the system is undergoing inventory, replenishment stock cannot be added until the inventory process is complete.


I apologize that the confusion and lack of detail caused you to end up with two orders, and I’ll follow up with you later today by DM on that.