SIM manager error message

What phone do you have? Google 4a

What plan are you on? Who know?

Does your plan include data, or just talk & text?

Issue Description

Just activated the Google Pixel 4a, but keep getting error message pop up “SiM manager is not working”. I made sure to update the system (and everything else). What gives?

Hi @leact00,

It looks like you have an app on your phone called SIM Manager. When I look at the reviews for that app, I see several starting on 3/23 reporting that the app keeps stopping.

This may be related to an issue that began on 3/22 that was causing lots of apps to crash. Please see: Apps crashing unexpectedly 3/22/21 and check your phone for any available updates.

Otherwise, you may need to see if you can disable that app or uninstall its updates until the app developer rolls out a fix.

Hi @leact00,

Were you able to get the update to the app uninstalled to make the crashing stop? This appears to be the solution until Google releases a new update to the app. See:

I’ve written an article in our Help Center on the matter, as well:

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