"SIM not allowed" message suddenly appears after months of successful cell usage


Earlier today I had a wierd situation. I saw the message “SIM not allowed”, and “emergency calls only” . I had a WIFI connection, but my cell connection was dead. After spending an hour researching the “SIM not allowed” situation I gave up and rebooted the phone. That fixed the problem. “SIM not allowed” message disappeared, and my cell service returned to normal.

This occurred at my home where I have tested the cell service in the past with WIFI turned off.

What is going on?


Check for my SIM failure thread, my phone was a moto G5S+ - moto is replacing the hardware…


Hi @jerrymin,

Have you had any more trouble with this “SIM not allowed” error message?


The good news is that the problem has not reoccurred.

However, I am concerned that something is on the verge of breakdown, and the impact is significant. It would be helpful to know what steps to take to avoid a re occurrence, or what to do in case it does happen.



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